Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster

2005 model here: Vintage white with maple neck – same configuration as Yngwie’s main 72′ ‘Duck’ Strat. Strung with 8s and tuned down a half step just like the Swedish shredmeister does. The colour is just beautiful – like a a block of New Zealand butter. Pickguard is a greenish-white colour that Fender refers to as ‘Olympic White’.

For your pleasure I include close-ups of the fabulous oversized 70’s headstock and a side-on view of the neck so the scallops show up nicely.  Pickups are a bit wimpy in their output for my liking but it does put out a very Strat ‘clang’ sound which you won’t mistake for any other guitar. Admittedly I’ve never whacked this baby through a wall of Marshall non-master volume 100W heads as Yngwie does so not sure what the tonal qualities of it will be under such circumstances, though I suppose it will be exactly the same as on any of the Rising Force records.

The guitar is easy and fluid to play with great control of bends and vibrato afforded by the scalloping, but the jumbo frets in combination with the loss of finger contact against wood on the fretboard can push your callouses to their limits. The risk of playing out of tune due to pressing too hard on the strings and inadvertently bending them sharp which a lot of people talk about is overstated in my opinion – clumsy big handed klutzes might, but most people won’t notice this happening. I recommend people try this guitar rather than relate some hearsay on this matter.

Hint to Santa: I’d also like a red one.

CIMG2797 CIMG2798

CIMG2800 CIMG2801


12 Responses to “Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster”

  1. […] Interesting to note that almost every day, since I first uploaded pictures of my Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster that it’s that post which attracts the most hits via search – usually by a very large margin. […]

  2. […] though, but I would say you can get a better ‘grip’ on the string when bending and doing vibrato. Fender USA Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster Gitbuddy’s Guitar Blog __________________ World’s most fabulous guitar blog: https://gitbuddy.wordpress.com […]

  3. You just cant beat the quality of a decent old strat, they just play like a glove.

  4. gila

  5. german malmsteen Says:

    hola a todoss .. soy un fiel seguidor de yngwie malmsteen ….. y esa guitarra es lo mejor que hay . humildementee……….. sho german malmsteen …… nos vemoss chaua todoss

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  7. hey, thanks for the quick review on this guitar. it’s a pretty strat… i’ve seen it before in guitar stores, but never actually picked one up. next time i’m in the store, i’m gonna check it out… see how it plays. thanks!

  8. hola soy yngwie y qiero decirle que esa guitarra es lo mejor que hay para tocar.tiene un sonido muy limpio y las cuerdas pasan de calibre sin q s las suenes chau bsos!!!!!!!!!!!aguante malmsteen

  9. gitarmu apik

  10. di indonesia bisa beli toko mana ya….

  11. I feel like with the scalloped necks you can only solo. Playing chords on them just feels weird.

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