Has Jimmy Page seen a ghost recently?

2 pictures here about a year apart or less – the first from his photo shoot used to promote his new signature double neck Gibson EDS 1275 (yes Santa, I want one) with luscious curls as black as the Ace of Spades and the other from the cover of this month’s Guitar World magazine, all silver-haired Charlie Watts gracious refinednessness:






There are only two possible explanations for this kind of sudden change in hair colour – supernatural encounters with protoplasm-exuding spirits from the netherworld, or sudden and abrupt cessation of hair dye application. I suspect the former mainly because he’s wearing dark glasses in the last picture (you seldom see him in shades) – presumably to hide dark eye circles caused by fear-induced insomnia.

Just kidding Jimmy – please don’t turn me into anything unnatural with your Crowley magick. You do in fact look stupendously distinguished and very, very cool for a 62 year old rock dude. You are and always will be my favourite.


One Response to “Has Jimmy Page seen a ghost recently?”

  1. He hear that another rapper was going to use one of his guitar riffs for another song.

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