Why are there so many guitarists in Seattle?

Checking my woeful stats on the number of people reading my blog over the past couple of weeks I noticed that the size of the circle on my ClustrMap (see right) is very large* in the area of Seattle – much larger than anywhere else in the world, including Singapore (where I have done much publicizing of the blog).

What could be the reason for this large concentration in Washington state? Ok – Hendrix was from Seattle and remains one of the most influential guitar figures of all time. Kurt Cobain was also from around there and no doubt inspired many to pick up a guitar, dial in some heavy distortion and learn a ‘5 chord’. Umm – help me out here… Pearl Jam?

Could it be attributed to the fact that Seattle (or Redmond, WA at least) is the home of none other than the headquarters of Microsoft Corp. who I believe have in the order of 85000 employees worldwide with the majority concentrated here?  I have a poorly formed shitty theory about programmers being attracted to musical instruments as it’s similar to ‘programming oneself’ which psychologists will no doubt ridicule…


*where ‘very large’ is relative. If you have 580 hits in total as I do, then more than 10 in any single place means that you have a huge fanbase there who no doubt meet at weekends and eat pizza together, laughing at my amusing online witticisms and fantasizing about touching my hair. We’re talking small 9″ pizzas here.


2 Responses to “Why are there so many guitarists in Seattle?”

  1. Hmm. The dream lives on. Two major assumptions: you are witty. Americans have never seen a 9 inch pizza.

  2. Mmm… Pizza. Wait! 9 inches?

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