Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a full scale Led Zeppelin World Tour.

Dear Santa

I’ve been a good boy all year and have brushed my teeth morning and night every day.

Please send me a full scale Led Zeppelin World Tour for Christmas. I live in Singapore, so they should stop over here and play at the Indoor Stadium. It’s a great venue where I went to see Eric Clapton last year who is also old, so if he can do it, so can Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Bonzo Jnr. We’re also getting the Police and Santana. Singaporean crowds are total party animals and will definitely show huge appreciation for numbers like ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and ‘Stairway To Heaven’ – some concert goers get especially rowdy and might stand up and clap instead of sitting down the whole time. I even saw a particularly enthusiastic fan throw a paper cup once and ‘whoop’ loudly during a Derek Trucks solo, but he was swiftly beaten by security forces to protect the band.

I know that Singapore isn’t known for widespread availability of narcotics (death sentence, so Zep entourage please don’t bring any) but I’m sure we could organize some groupies. At a push, we could also organize a sexually deprived red snapper or maybe a mudshark. With these piscine offerings in mind, please try to use your Yuletide charms to influence them to stop over here, otherwise I will be forced to fly to another country to see them and nobody wants that.

I would also like some Lego if your budget can accommodate it.

Love to Mrs Santa



One Response to “Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is a full scale Led Zeppelin World Tour.”

  1. I don’t think we will ever get another Zepp tour. You think they would have done at least one more by now.

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