Gitbuddy turns Professional Session Guitarist – jacks in job, ditches family, drains bank accounts, has plastic surgery, drowns fluffy pets, skips town, etc…

Well, my Rock ‘n’ Roll dream is finally becoming (very) partially true. No – I have not grown up and become Jimmy Page as I used to dream when I was 18 years old, nor can I play as well as Steve Vai. Nope – I don’t have hoards of screaming teenage groupies throwing their underwear up on stage at me and weeping as they cry out my name as I throw shapes and whip out another bitchin’ guitar solo. Have Fender, Gibson or Paul Reed Smith finally realized my immense and everlasting contributions to the guitar universe and are honoring me with a signature guitar model? Uh, no.

What I have had though, is someone asking me to play a session, i.e. somebody out there wants *me* to record some guitar parts on their record and they are willing to give me money for it. Wow. This is the big break I’ve been waiting for all this time! This is the moment where all that woodshedding finally pays off! This is the turning point where the mundane humdrum of my professional career turns from that of terminally-bored-9-to-5-salaryman to “PROFESSIONAL SESSION MUSICIAN AND GUITARIST EXTRAORDINAIRE!!” (yes the exclamation marks are part of the title and it is pronounced, or rather, ‘vocalized’ in a loud Death Metal growl with conviction and aggression which may scare small children).

So: I’m ready to live my dream of being an overpaid, underworked super-sessioneer who won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day. I am ready to be the envy of those stuff-strutting Nashville cats. I am ready to depose the incumbent studio giants of the day such as Dan Huff, Andy Timmons and Neal Zaza. I am ready to walk in the boots of O Jimmy The Page and Big Jim Sullivan and be showered with riches both material and spiritual. I am ready. What do I need to do now?

I have to play over a couple of Christian Worship songs.

Hey – we all have to start somewhere!

Not that there’s anything wrong with Christian Worship songs. Ok, I’m not the most faithful believer but that doesn’t matter. What I am through and through though, is a musician, and I suppose that my maturity and (I modestly suppose) my technical skill and musicality is something my contact has recognized and would like to make use of to enhance his own songs.

He delivered the guide tracks to me yesterday and I’ve loaded those into my iPod for repetitive listening. I’ll be documenting my approach in upcoming posts. Fingers crossed that if I do this well, it will lead to more such work.


2 Responses to “Gitbuddy turns Professional Session Guitarist – jacks in job, ditches family, drains bank accounts, has plastic surgery, drowns fluffy pets, skips town, etc…”

  1. Finally, your big break. I was wondering when you’d be discovered. I am sure your local debut will be highly appraised opening up the doors for you to possibly play on alternative Gospel, Klezmer, Kitan, or possibly, even maybe, some Rastafarian tunes. This could be it. Instead of plastic surgery I’d recommend the complete face transplant – probably cheaper from where you are starting.

    Good luck!


  2. Christian Worship songs? You? Hmm.

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