Goodbye Warwick Infinity NT 4 bass, helloooooo GAS!

Finally sold off my Warwick Bass last week to a good home and a great new owner – a very nice gentleman who went through great pains to come to Singapore to acquire it. Consequently I know that it will well looked after and appreciated. I wish you well with it and hope it supports your musical endeavors for many years to come.

Of course, what this means is that a large quantity of gear funds has been liberated and is now available to buy something else which has sparked off a GAS attack like no other before bearing in mind that the bass was worth quite a fair bit of ca$h and that the amount enables quite a few options…

So, what might be on the list?

Some kind of Mesa/Boogie. Hard to believe that one of these amps has been the object of my desires for around 20 years and I *still* haven’t bought one. I’ve coveted them from afar and admired them via the Web and their printed brochures for so long that it’s not funny. Absolutely at the top of the list now is a Roadster 1×12 or 2×12 combo (need help to decide which), but I am desperately torn between that,a Mark IV compact combo in some kind of fancy wood, a Lonestar Special combo or a Dual Rectifier head. A buddy of mine is helping me look into getting one at a good price in the States – there’s a story in that in itself which I will go into later.

Next, a Tom Anderson. I posted about that lovely Cobra I saw before, but up until now, I had never actually played a TA. A friend of mine brought his Atom to my house the other day and I was totally blown away. Fantastic build quality, very articulate sound with a natural compression that makes notes just stand out so prominently. A very strong contender for parting me with my cash. Hmm.. may think about getting the Cobra shape but with some of the internals/specs of the Atom. I was that impressed.

Marshall JVM 410 combo.  Heard a lot of good things about this amp and its versatility, not to mention its stupendously competitive price. Unbelievable what you can get for the money – a 4 channel amp with all those bells and whistles for around half the price of a Road King… but would this only be coming between me and a Mesa yet again? Probably.

Peavey JSX. seems like amps are putting in a strong showing in my list. Played the JSX at length at the local music store and that fella is hella versatile. The Lead/Ultra channel is one of the most biting brutal high gain sounds I’ve ever heard. I could walk in there and buy one today, so what’s holding me back? Probably same reason as above. It doesn’t say ‘Boogie’ anywhere on it.

Time to go for a long sit down and contemplate on the toilet… where’s that Mesa catalogue again?


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