How many guitars are sold in Singapore? And how much do they cost?

An article in the Straits Times last Saturday threw up several interesting statistics and factoids.

  1. Swee Lee music store sells 1200 guitars each month.
  2. 1000 of those are exported, while 200 are sold domestically.
  3. Their annual sales of guitars total $3.5 million SGD
  4. This means that overseas buyers are spending $2,916,000 SGD on guitars from Swee Lee.
  5. …leaving $584,000 in turnover from Singaporean guitarists.
  6. The average price of the guitars sold from Swee Lee works out to be 3,500,000 / (1200 x 12)
  7. …which equals $243.06 SGD per axe.
  8. Davis Guitars sells around 350 guitars a month, equating to 4200 guitars each year.
  9. Therefore, Davis’s annual guitar turnover (assuming an average of $243 per guitar) is equivalent to around $1,020,600 SGD.
  10. ….of course, you know what they say about assumptions being the fathers/brothers of all fuckups…
  11. Guitar Gallery sells an average of 15 guitars a month, but stocks only high end brands.
  12. …in another blind leap of faith, assuming a higher price tag average of $2000 SGD, this means that Super Mario is turning over $360,000 SGD per annum selling guitars. Not bad for a little store.
  13. The article also states that about 8 guitar stores have appeared at Peninsular and Excelsior within the last few years (not counting Davis who have been around since the 80s).
  14. Assuming they sell similar amounts as Super Mario (i.e. around 15 guitars per month but probably optimistic) this means that collectively they sell around 120 guitars per month generating $349,920 in annual revenue.
  15. Of course, Peninsular Enclave and Swee Lee are not the only outlets, but you get the idea…
  16. Can you tell that I’m bored at work today?

7 Responses to “How many guitars are sold in Singapore? And how much do they cost?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    well, this is assuming (yes, i know) again of course, that what Straits Times publishes is accurate and true. of which, i can tell you, ain’t so.

  2. If you know more accurate data please supply it so we can update the model. 🙂

  3. man .. if only you could find a $243 guitar in Swee Lee…

  4. that would probably suck 😛

  5. Josh Gamble Says:

    Hi, where do you source this information from? Also, could you please keep me updated. Thanks.

  6. Hey Josh. All that info came from an article in the Straits Times. The rest is ‘extrapolation’.

  7. …Oh, and if you’re really interested, go look at They have tonnes of info on the breakdown of musical instrument sales in North America and certain other large markets around the world.

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