YES! Chris Broderick joins Megadeth.

Saddened by the departure of Ralph Santolla from Deicide (well, Benton’s loss and hopefully the gain of a band that deserves him more) I was encouraged to hear that the super-talented, most excellent Chris Broderick of Jag Panzer will be joining Megadeth – can’t wait to hear what they come out with next. I recommend searching for Chris on Youtube and seeing what a totally awesome guitarist he is. 
Megadeth: new guitarist officially announced

The revolving door that is Megadeth continues to spin: the band has officially named Chris Broderick (Nevermore, Jag Panzer) as their new guitarist, replacing Glen Drover.

Drover’s departure was suggested as far back as November with band chief Dave Mustaine commenting that the guitarist was struggling to balance the pressures of extensive touring with family life. All he’s said on Broderick’s hiring so far is this:

“I’ve noticed [on the Internet] that people are pissed with me over the way things were handled with Glen quitting the group but they’re gonna be pissed even more when they hear how fierce we are with Chris! Megadeth is playing at a new level.”

Glen played on only one studio album with Megadeth – last year’s impressive United Abominations. That’s a pretty good run for a Megadeth member, all things considered. The guitarist’s brother Shawn remains in Mustaine’s band as drummer.

Fans can see Broderick make his live debut with Megadeth on 4 February in Finland where the band begins a world tour international dates – including several UK gigs in the same month.

Should the band just be renamed Megadave?


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