Dream Theater, Fort Canning, Singapore, Jan 17th 2007


Amazing gig last night despite the torrential rain that drenched the audience.Yes, I’m sure there will be plentyyyyy of reviews that will talk about Petrucci’s fantastic, flawless technique and how he has grown from a ‘mere’ melodic shredder to one who actually has soul as well. Sure, there will be legions of gearheads talking about his tone, poring over his choice of gear, his string gauge, which colours of his signature guitars he used, his two Boogie Mark IV heads (and their settings) and his Lonestar. No doubt millions of forum posts will be interchanged on the songs that were chosen for the set, or how he and Jordan Rudess can play those incredible runs in unison at such terrifying speed. Of course the fantastic sound engineering and overall live production will be noted and finally how JP as one of the main architects of the band should be applauded for his vision that has helped bring DT to the top of the heap with musicianship unsurpassed anywhere.

All I want to say is: “my my! Hasn’t he got big muscles!” Clearly shredding can form part of an exercise and bodybuilding regime… Where’s my metronome – I need to work on my pecs.


Photograph copyright 2007 Aung Myint Kyaw. Reproduced with permission.


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