Lesson 4: More on Drop 2, Arpeggios, Bewitched

A lot of stuff shown last Sunday including the chord progression to Bewitched:

| CMaj7 |  C#dim7 | Dmin7  | D#dim7 | Em7 | E7 | Fmaj7 | CMaj7 | Amin7 Dmin 7 | G7 C maj7 |

with various drop 2 voicings applied across different string sets.

Also started on some arpeggio concepts, one of which was “you should be able to put your hand anywhere on the neck and play the arpeggio of a chord of choice”.Part of an approach to this is to be able to play an arpeggio (in this example a C major 7th) starting from any of your four fingers such as below:

C Maj 7 arps

Drop 2 voicings applied to a iii vi II V I progression

Consider the progression | Bmin7 | Emin7 | Amin7 | D7 | Gmaj7 | – the root movement is B, E, A D, G. Mapped to the first and second strings gives us the following, with the Drop 2 chords shown after:


and mapped to the third and fourth strings gives us:root2


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