Anatomy of a GAS attack

Saturday 26th January, 08:00 On toilet reading Guitarist magazine. Close Encounter of the First Kind with ESP Ltd. Kirk Hammett Junior (i.e. I saw it in the magazine). Hmm.. currently sitting on $4K of proceeds from sale of Warwick bass.. slowly burning hole in pocket. Slight raise in bodily temperature.
Saturday 26th January, 08:10 Checking prices on Musician’s Friend for above mentioned item. $249. Would probably cost another $50 to ship to Singapore, so SGD $450. Order or can obtain locally? Pupils dilated.
Saturday 26th January, 10:30 Friends come round to swim in pool.
Saturday 26th January, 12:00 Canadian 241 Pizza. Mmmm…
Saturday 26th January, 15:00 Find out from Davis Guitar Website that they bring in ESP. Butterflies in stomach.
Saturday 26th January, 15:01 Phone call to Davis. Yes- they have one in stock – SGD $381! Oh no! Must…. restrain…. GAS…
Saturday 26th January, 15:02 Find out on harmony Central that Boss has just brought out an updated Acoustic Simulator – the AC-3. Shit. I must own it. I ‘need’ it for my band rehearsals for those clean parts. Internally convinced it will sound exactly like a 1945 Gibson J200 (it doesn’t).
Sunday 27th January, all day Church – pray will not cave in to GAS attack. God help me. Shortness of breath and attention span.
Monday 28th January, all day GAS attack becomes acute but stupid work meetings prevent leaving office to go and spend money. Accidentally say the words “pointed headstock and skull inlays” during presentation of Regional Sales Figures. Damn job. Crushing pain in chest radiating down left arm.
Tuesday 29th January, 12:00 Uncontainable urges. Drive to obtain shiny new unnecessary toys becomes unbearable. Lunchtime visit to Ebenex music – target acquired – Boss AC-3 @ $175. Slight drop in fever.
Wednesday 30th January, 12:00 Observe colleague drop $2K on recording gear, removing all remaining boundaries. Mental resolution to buy the KH Jr. Line is crossed. Thin upper lip and steely resolve. Credit card flexed at the ready.
Thursday 31st January 11:46 Davis Guitar – target acquired – ESP Ltd. Kirk Hammett Junior.
Thursday 31st January 13:00 Meetings cancelled. Went home ‘sick’.

3 Responses to “Anatomy of a GAS attack”

  1. Hi,

    Do you know if it is possible to buy a Fender Princeton Recording amp in Thailand?

    Funny post by the way.

  2. PowerBook Producer – I can’t say I’ve ever looked out for one of those but there of course Fender dealers in Thailand.

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