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Allan Holdsworth – Devil Take the Hindmost transcription

Posted in Guitar Playing with tags on February 29, 2008 by Staff Writer

I started transcribing the solo from this tune once but gave up mainly due to lack of time. While surfing at TGP today, I saw that somebody had posted some slowed-down sections of the solo for people to listen to and try to work out. In that thread somebody also mentioned that Steve Vai had once transcribed this and that it had been posted in Guitar Player Magazine many years earlier. A quick search on the web revealed it as the first hit, reproduced here (and probably upsetting somebody as a result) for your convenience.

Steve – if you’re reading, can you play it? 🙂 I can’t…





Boss U.S. site been overhauled

Posted in Guitar Gear on February 28, 2008 by Staff Writer

I always enjoy visiting the Boss site, having been a Boss pedal fan for the best part of 20 years, though I do wish they’d start making them smaller, since they occupy a lot of pedalboard real estate, stick up very high and weigh a frickin’ tonne.

The site is very interactive and includes those groovy things like being able to try out pedals, tweak the knobs, chain them together and things like that, all online.

Groovy. Check it out



Carl Verheyen on Improvising without Scales

Posted in improvisation, Jazz Guitar, music theory on February 28, 2008 by Staff Writer

From Guitar Player site here. Carl Verheyen (studio/session supremo and ardent proponent of ‘Intervallic Guitar’) writes an extremely interesting article with examples on how to break out of using scales for those interested in playing spontaneous stuff that sounds like music rather than exercises.

Interesting quote:

Many years ago I read an article in Keyboard magazine by Chick Corea. He stated that the best of us are only truly improvising 30 percent of the time, and that the rest of the time we’re playing stuff we know, things we’ve worked out. I took this concept to heart and began to work out as much harmonic material as I could. I filled many notebooks with lines for major, minor, and dominant chords and learned to connect them in every key all over the guitar. John McLaughlin, another one of my heroes, says that on a good night we play the things we know until we’re warmed up enough physically and mentally to play the things we don’t know.

Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love video – just what guitar is that she’s playing?

Posted in Guitar Gear, Heavy Metal with tags on February 28, 2008 by Staff Writer

Ok – I know most of you don’t care since the ‘lead’ guitarist (the one immediately behind Robert to his right) is so utterly gorgeous that one hardly notices she’s even  carrying an instrument, but it did make me wonder what kind of axe it is. I thought I could discern the Washburn logo but wasn’t sure, so sought some expert help.

addicted image

Turns out that it is a Washburn – an HM 20V model (no doubt ‘HM’ tag is derived from it looking bitchinly Heavy Metal in shape). I found out with the wondrous help of the Internet – I’d posted the question on and the next day, some cork sniffing gear geek (and I mean that in a nice way!) had the answer. Here’s the picture from the 1985 Washburn catalogue:

HM 20V

There you go. The full video is here – enjoy!

Greetings Alaskan Guitarist(s)

Posted in Guitar General on February 27, 2008 by Staff Writer

From time to time I peer at my ClustrMaps diagram to see where people are coming from to read my blog. It’s ego-driven of course – everybody wants someone to care about what they have to say, and it’s reassuring to see a readership growing worldwide even if it’s a pitifully low number such as that with which I am afflicted. Often I’ll look at my stat counter for the previous day and think “Jesus – I’ve been in bed with more people than this…*”

Nevertheless, I value each and every reader regardless.

I Just want to say ‘Hi’ to the lonesome Alaskan guitarist(s) up there in the Arctic circle, freezing his or her gonads off whilst strumming the guitar in front of their PC, absorbing my multiple witticisms, marveling at my enormous hoard of gear (no doubt thinking how some of it would make great firewood) and learning my stupendously informative technical how-to-play posts.



*Bill Hicks.. R.I.P.

Alfred Introduces George Lynch DVD (slight tardiness detected)…

Posted in Shred Guitar on February 27, 2008 by Staff Writer
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Great timing. Let’s see… Dokken’s Back for the attack came out in what? 1987? Only *21* years ago. Lynch Mob’s Wicked Sensation came out in 1990 and now they are releasing a DVD showing how to play some of this*?

Still, Lynch’s guitar work is/was amazing stuff and he remains one of my favourites. He is a great ‘feel’ player and has this stupefying ‘wanking’ vibrato where he rapidly glisses up and down a string which I’ve always wanted to be able to do (for now I just remain a wanker) plus he does some sick super fast legato stretchy licks. His tone has always been amazing too.

Anyway – here’s the cover (probably photographed circa 1985) of the just-release-today-in-2008 DVD:


..and here’s what George looks like today:


“February 25, 2008

George Lynch stormed onto the 1980s shred guitar scene with his band Dokken. Along with contemporaries like Edward Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, George set the standard for virtuoso guitar playing and went on to front his own band, Lynch Mob, in addition to recording as a solo artist. This self-titled DVD provides true insight into George Lynch’s playing and highlights the many facets of his unique guitar style. George demonstrates vibrato techniques, tapping, string skipping, whammy bar effects, and many of his favorite licks; he also teaches excerpts from some of his famous recorded solos. The DVD features candid moments of George in a Los Angeles recording studio creating solo overdubs for the Lynch Mob debut album Wicked Sensation, and footage of George playing his great solo from “Street Fightin’ Man.” The accompanying PDF booklet features note-for-note transcriptions in standard music notation and TAB.”

*yeah OK – I know it came out on VHS video before. I’m bored – sue me. Oh, and by the way Alfred (if indeed that is your real name) – Dokken wasn’t ‘his band’ – it was Don Dokken’s band, hence the name. Duh.

Incoming update – Mesa/Boogie delivery any time now…

Posted in Guitar Gear with tags , on February 27, 2008 by Staff Writer

Got a call from my man yesterday that my Mesa Engineering Roadster head has been delivered from Mesa to the store in the U.S. from whom he is ordering it. He’s just waiting for some cabs to arrive before the shipment is complete and can be dispatched to Singapore. Should arrive in first week of March. Mark IV amp is due in April. Yay!!

P.S. Not getting the H R Giger SHRG1Z now due to overcommitting on these amps plus the TA Atom. Oh well – you can’t have them all…