Incoming: Mesa/Boogie Mark IV Combo, Dual Rectifier Roadster Head

On order:

Mesa/Boogie Mark IV Compact Combo in African Ribbon Mahogany hardwood with wicker grille. Oh yes. Been GASsing after a Mark IV for close to 15years. Finally got one on order – the amp of my dreams. Since this is a custom order I’ve been told it will take about 3 months to arrive.

The Mesa website doesn’t have a good clear picture of a Mark IV combo in African ribbon mahogany – the closest is this one from the gallery homepage.  You can see an Express combo in it which looks like the amp below on the left or, you can look at a different Mark IV combo in Bubinga on the right and imagine their bastard child:


3 months… Oh well, I’ll just have to make do with my:

Mesa Dual Rectifier Roadster Head (standard finish) which will arrive in about 2 weeks. I asked my guy to try to get the order in prior to the February Mesa price hike and he did – problem was he also had to pay for it in full and since it’s in stock it will be arriving on the next boat out of Petaluma! Aiyoh!



2 Responses to “Incoming: Mesa/Boogie Mark IV Combo, Dual Rectifier Roadster Head”

  1. You’ve got all of the bases covered with these two amps. The Mesa Boogie Mark IV is truly one of the most versatile amps I’ve ever played. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with both.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for your comment John Smith (if indeed that is your real name :)). I love your site btw and will be doing a post on it. If you read my later stuff you’d see that these deals all went pear-shaped, so I may be taking advantage of the services offered at cheers.

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