Photodocument – Boss DM-2

Some pornographic shots of my Boss DM-2 Delay pedal.

This pedal has a story behind it which you may or may not believe – I for one do not – but it’s mildly amusing (and partially wondrous) as well.

The ‘legend’ is that it used to belong to Gary Moore.  I was given the pedal by a friend of mine about 10 years ago who played as the other guitarist in our band at the time. He gave it to me because it didn’t work and said that if I could fix it, I could have it. He had also previously told me that he had bought it at Andy’s Guitar Workshop in Denmark Street London (which sadly closed down last year). According to the salesman, the pedal had been sold to the store for resale by Gary’s roadie. Whatever. To add fuel to the fire, if you look closely in the second picture you’ll see a white sticker with a barely visible pencil scrawl that says ‘Gary’. Of course, it could just have belonged to any other geezer named Gary.

I put it up on eBay once to find out how much it might fetch and received a whole bunch of messages (all from the U.S.) questioning its authenticity including one that said “hey, I’m selling a handkerchief which supposedly contains mucus from Jimi Hendrix“. My reply? “Go and fuck yourself.”   I took it down shortly after that.

Anyway, it isn’t for sale anymore and you can also tell that I’m not precious about the maintenance of it by virtue of the fact that there’s some 3M DualLock ‘velcro’ stuck on the bottom of it. This is a working pedal which resides on my board and is used as it should be, not enshrined in a glass case gathering dust.

Anyway, it turned out there was nothing wrong with the pedal. Sure, it’s beat to shit, but the only thing wrong with it apart from it needing its jack plugs cleaned thoroughly to enable a clean contact was that it had a flat battery.

Made in Japan (mine is dated to around 1982), this analog circuit pedal is widely considered ‘vintage’ these days (voted by Guitarist magazine to be among the top 10 best pedals of all time) and can fetch in the order of USD $200 – $350 depending on condition and whether they come with boxes and manuals etc. I was recently involved in a bidding war for just the box of an old DM-2 which I retired from when the money got a bit stupid – like USD $100 for a cardboard box.  The observant among you will notice that mine is a ‘silver screw’ pedal – Boss switched to the now common black thumbscrews after producing about 10,000 or so pedals which means that mine is quite an early version indeed.


CIMG3148 CIMG3138

CIMG3139 CIMG3140

CIMG3141  CIMG3143

 CIMG3144 CIMG3147


3 Responses to “Photodocument – Boss DM-2”

  1. Gary Moore Says:

    Bllody ‘ell! ‘Tis me ol’ Delay pedal it is to be sure! I remember using that on such recordings as Out in the Fields, Parisian Walkways and also live with Thin Lizzy! Bejesus! It must be worth *at least* $1,000,000 now. I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy it back from you with the money I got from selling that Peter Green Les Paul – at least that’s what the guy at Andy’s said – said that Peter Green’s roadie sold it to the store…

    *may or may not have been posted by the real Gary Moore.

  2. […] condition with very little fading and no bumps.  I had actually bid on a DM-2 box to house my own sample (note – *just* the box) over a year ago, which ended up going for about $50 USD in the end, so […]

  3. Grayce Choudhury

    Some pornographic shots of my Boss DM-2 Delay pedal. This pedal has a story behind it which you may or may not believe – I for one do not – but it

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