A walk down memory lane – my first guitar

A Fender Catalina acoustic which I bought from Rock Stop in Charing Cross Road, London. I remember it cost GBP 159 at the time which was in about 1985. I liked it because it was black and had a ‘six on a side’ headstock. My dad went with me to help me buy it and he might even have helped me pay for it.

Looking back, that guitar was a bit of a bastard to play with quite a high action but I loved it nonetheless. Learned my first chords on it (have vivid memories of getting out of bed just to grab a ‘C’ chord on it), used it to pick out the solos for ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘Rough Boy’ (ZZ Top) and ‘Brothers in Arms’ (Dire Straits). I think perhaps one of the first riffs I learned on it was the opening part to ‘Layla’, shown to me by Ian.

Being black, it showed up scratches quite easily. It wasn’t long before the back had plenty of tiny little scuff marks all over it. I traded it for a Squier Stratocaster about a year and a half later with a mate of my Dad’s.

The one in the picture isn’t mine – it’s a photo I managed to pull off the Internet. Yes, the furniture at my parents’ house is hideous, but nowhere near as bad as this guy’s.



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