ESP Ltd. KH-JR Kirk Hammett Junior

Some pics of my recently acquired KH-JR.

Out of the box, it didn’t intonate well as it had the same problem as my Les Paul Pee Wee – the nut is too high meaning at the low end, pressing down on the strings causes microtonal bends (aggravated by the short scale length and low string tension) which put chords out of tune. I had the slots cut a little deeper and some relief taken out of the neck. Now it plays really well.

This is a good guitar, well built (Indonesian made) and with a great sound from the EMG-ESP pickups. It’s certainly not a toy like the Les Paul Pee Wee and I’d have no qualms about using it to rehearse or gig. Given that the distance between frets is less, it enables things that can’t be done with my lil’ hands on a regular scale length guitar.

I keep it in the office currently so that when I feel like a bit of a shred at my desk, I can.. I love the little skull inlays that go all the way up to this tiny little guy at the 22nd fret.

 CIMG3130 CIMG3131

 CIMG3132 CIMG3129

CIMG3134 CIMG3136


16 Responses to “ESP Ltd. KH-JR Kirk Hammett Junior”

  1. I picked one up last week. Very impressive. I’m new to the guitar world but wanted an electric travel guitar and tried several. None were really made too well. This one seemed like the real deal and sounded nothing like the others. Nice job ESP.

  2. Jesse Pick Says:

    Make a video with you playing your KH-JR

  3. Check back in about a week Jesse.

  4. Like when in a week, like what day?

  5. Jesse Pick Says:

    Thanks For Replying

  6. I was watching a video on Youtube and this guy also had an ESP Ltd. KH-JR, I found the tone of the guitar really f*cking heavy and gritty. I liked what I saw

    Is it like the Les Paul Jr.

  7. Jesse Pick Says:

    Can You Please Make A Video Playing Your KH-JR

  8. Seriously Is It Like A Les Paul Jr.

  9. Jesse Pick Says:

    I Like It

  10. Jesse Pick Says:

    Would You Reccommend a Jackson JS30RR Rhoads as first Guitar

  11. As a first guitar, I’d recommend a Strat.

  12. Jesse Pick Says:


  13. […] strings full length shot. Mesa Nomad and KH JR in background, along with stripped down pedalboard (go minimalism!). What a gorgeous colour – as […]

  14. Anonymous Says:

    would u suggest Jackson JS35RR instead of KH-JR

  15. what strings gauge you use with it? I made a big mistake by restring it with Ernie Ball 8-38 and now I’ll put 10-46, any advise? 10-46 or 11-52?

    As I remember I received the guitar with SIT strings but didn’t know which gauge exactly.

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