Heaviest moments in Heavy Metal #2314 – Sepultura – Mass Hypnosis

Oh yeah. Brazilian thrash/death metal.

From the ridiculously heavy Scott Burns-produced album Beneath the Remains (1989) came this monstrously crushing track. It’s very hard to pick a winner overall since the disc is filled with pummeling riffs which have been so masterfully engineered that instead of collapsing under the weight of the distortion and sheer aggression, they are instead tight and focused like rapid kicks to the ribcage.

The first heavy moment occurs in the studio recorded track at around 0:20 when after the opening riff, Max Cavalera switches to a super tight palm muted gallop that’s propelled by brother Igor Cavalera’s brutally fast double bass drum.

The second (and heaviest moment) occurs after the solo from about 2:30 with some huge power chords against a mid-paced double bass drum blast beat followed by some super chunky downpicking. The guitar sound is scooped, double (or maybe triple tracked) and with enough white noise resulting from the distorted overtones to make the sound one of the hottest and heaviest metal guitar sounds ever committed to tape.

Again, not being one to breach copyright here’s a YouTube live version. In the video, the moments occur at  00:41 and 02:37.

Here are my attempt to transcribe the riffs:

#1 – note that it’s all open palm muted E notes. So what? It’s *all* about the rhythm, the muting and the sheer speed (probably something stupid at around 200bpm)


#2 – huge chords over that blast beat. Amazing. Headphones on, volume up, lights off. Half time feel, slower tempo.



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