About to hit ‘go’ button on this Tom Anderson Atom spec…

Since they’ve been so totally awesome in helping me spec out my dream Tom Anderson guitar, I’ve been in contact with a dealer in the U.S. who is about to make this dream a reality. Price quotes are in and I need to fork out 30% up front. The build will take place in July.

Actually speccing it out was ridiculously easy – here’s how.

  1. Find a buddy who has an Atom and play it. Fall in love with it.
  2. Get his specs and send them to Tom Anderson, along with a link to a picture of a guitar that you want it finished the same as.
  3. Drink coffee and relax.

Again, as I mentioned before in this post, I don’t think I’d be this far down the road if that crucial element of customer service wasn’t there; the responsiveness, the attention to detail, the good natured willingness to be totally open to making sure that I get a guitar that I will be 100% happy with.  If only all businesses had customer service like this… (p.s., no I don’t work for them, have no affiliation with them and am not related to Tom or family by marriage or otherwise).

Model: Atom

Finish: Transparent Black with Binding

Body Back Color: Natural Back

Bodywood: Quilt Maple Top on Mahogany Back

Neckwood: Mahogany with Indian Rosewood

Headstock Finish: Black

Neckback finish: Natural Satin

Neck Backshape: Happy Medium + 0.30

Nutwidth: 1 5/8 inch

Frets: Heavy

Bridge: Tuneomatic

Tailpiece: Stop tailpiece – lightweight

Hardware Color: Chrome

Pickguard: N/A

Neck Pickup: M1

Middle Pickup: M1

Bridge Pickup: M3

Switching: 5-Way with Kickback (M in neck position required)

Rings, Covers, Tip: Black

String Gauge: 0.10-0.46

Case: Required for Shipping


4 Responses to “About to hit ‘go’ button on this Tom Anderson Atom spec…”

  1. Why do you keep buying guitars that look like psychadelic vomit? First red, now black. Should have bought the Geiger.

  2. Ha! Nothing vomit about this one bro’ – it’s going to hopefully be a very nice quilt.

    Yeah – would have liked to have bought the Giger, but I already have a great Ibanez S. You should try a Tom Anderson Atom – you’ll want one immediately. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Did you get your TAG?

    I am about to pull the trigger on an Atom!

  4. Yes I did – check latest blog posts ๐Ÿ™‚

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