Alfred Introduces George Lynch DVD (slight tardiness detected)…

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Great timing. Let’s see… Dokken’s Back for the attack came out in what? 1987? Only *21* years ago. Lynch Mob’s Wicked Sensation came out in 1990 and now they are releasing a DVD showing how to play some of this*?

Still, Lynch’s guitar work is/was amazing stuff and he remains one of my favourites. He is a great ‘feel’ player and has this stupefying ‘wanking’ vibrato where he rapidly glisses up and down a string which I’ve always wanted to be able to do (for now I just remain a wanker) plus he does some sick super fast legato stretchy licks. His tone has always been amazing too.

Anyway – here’s the cover (probably photographed circa 1985) of the just-release-today-in-2008 DVD:


..and here’s what George looks like today:


“February 25, 2008

George Lynch stormed onto the 1980s shred guitar scene with his band Dokken. Along with contemporaries like Edward Van Halen and Randy Rhoads, George set the standard for virtuoso guitar playing and went on to front his own band, Lynch Mob, in addition to recording as a solo artist. This self-titled DVD provides true insight into George Lynch’s playing and highlights the many facets of his unique guitar style. George demonstrates vibrato techniques, tapping, string skipping, whammy bar effects, and many of his favorite licks; he also teaches excerpts from some of his famous recorded solos. The DVD features candid moments of George in a Los Angeles recording studio creating solo overdubs for the Lynch Mob debut album Wicked Sensation, and footage of George playing his great solo from “Street Fightin’ Man.” The accompanying PDF booklet features note-for-note transcriptions in standard music notation and TAB.”

*yeah OK – I know it came out on VHS video before. I’m bored – sue me. Oh, and by the way Alfred (if indeed that is your real name) – Dokken wasn’t ‘his band’ – it was Don Dokken’s band, hence the name. Duh.


One Response to “Alfred Introduces George Lynch DVD (slight tardiness detected)…”

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw the George Lynch thing– especially because I love George Lynch. It might seem cliche’ but It’s Not Love is a great song, fun to play as well.

    Keep bloggin’!
    Check out my blog?

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