Incoming update – Mesa/Boogie delivery any time now…

Got a call from my man yesterday that my Mesa Engineering Roadster head has been delivered from Mesa to the store in the U.S. from whom he is ordering it. He’s just waiting for some cabs to arrive before the shipment is complete and can be dispatched to Singapore. Should arrive in first week of March. Mark IV amp is due in April. Yay!!

P.S. Not getting the H R Giger SHRG1Z now due to overcommitting on these amps plus the TA Atom. Oh well – you can’t have them all…


3 Responses to “Incoming update – Mesa/Boogie delivery any time now…”

  1. Is this your first boogie? I have 2 small “all in one” amps. I have the DC3 and the DC5. Two incredible sounding amps and definately made for rock. They didn’t work out so well with the country or even the blues but still Ok. I LOVE the little DC3. They do not make it anymore. That little thing can fill a large room with sound and it rocks! Hard to believe it’s 30watts! Just wanted to share my Mesa Boogie experience. Hope you enjoy yours.

  2. Hey Ray.

    Yes – it will be the first one I’ve owned. Played through several before at studios and in stores, but never had one follow me home. Thanks for sharing your experiences – I’m really looking forward to mine and hope it gives me as much joy as it sounds like yours does to you.

  3. MarkyMark Says:

    Got an F-30 – it’s my backup amp in my band. Built like a tank – gigged heavily with it and totally dependable. It’s unusually very simple for a Mesa – 2 channels, treble/mid/bass on each and reverb (not very good) plus the gain – so it kinda suits me cos I like simplicity (I bought a Fender Champion 600 today which just about sums it up !!).

    I play Fender guitars so perhaps not ideal – seems it’s more suited to the Les Paul / Ibanez axes..?
    I have had some great cleans out of it though at gig volumes.

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