Carl Verheyen on Improvising without Scales

From Guitar Player site here. Carl Verheyen (studio/session supremo and ardent proponent of ‘Intervallic Guitar’) writes an extremely interesting article with examples on how to break out of using scales for those interested in playing spontaneous stuff that sounds like music rather than exercises.

Interesting quote:

Many years ago I read an article in Keyboard magazine by Chick Corea. He stated that the best of us are only truly improvising 30 percent of the time, and that the rest of the time we’re playing stuff we know, things we’ve worked out. I took this concept to heart and began to work out as much harmonic material as I could. I filled many notebooks with lines for major, minor, and dominant chords and learned to connect them in every key all over the guitar. John McLaughlin, another one of my heroes, says that on a good night we play the things we know until we’re warmed up enough physically and mentally to play the things we don’t know.


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