Allan Holdsworth – Devil Take the Hindmost transcription

I started transcribing the solo from this tune once but gave up mainly due to lack of time. While surfing at TGP today, I saw that somebody had posted some slowed-down sections of the solo for people to listen to and try to work out. In that thread somebody also mentioned that Steve Vai had once transcribed this and that it had been posted in Guitar Player Magazine many years earlier. A quick search on the web revealed it as the first hit, reproduced here (and probably upsetting somebody as a result) for your convenience.

Steve – if you’re reading, can you play it? 🙂 I can’t…





7 Responses to “Allan Holdsworth – Devil Take the Hindmost transcription”

  1. MarkyMark Says:

    Absolutely frightening! It would take weeks to build up the strength not to say accuracy to get that legato / slurring down. Holdsworth is not of this earth.

  2. Thane Young Says:

    After years of working on my alternate picking, and eventually finding success, I have recently (in the last few months) ‘converted’ to sweep/economy/legato techniques. My feeling is that while my picking was definitely where I wanted it to be chops wise, my harmonic vocabulary was really stifled and limited (at least at faster tempos) to what my hands had spent dozens of hours developing. While this new approach is coming along slowly, I can say that the time taken to develop a ‘Holdsworthian’ legato is definitely going to benefit me and free me up harmonically and I’d encourage everyone who is interested in this wonderful technique to stick with it.

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  5. Wow, I used to play the flute……. and let me tell you – I’d never even to attempt to play this. This looks even more monstronsotis than ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’, and I could play that!!

  6. This transcription is bad. it shows sweeps where Allan uses string skipping. It’s long been known to be incorrect.

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