Alter Bridge – Blackbird (I am a wanker)

I admit it – I’m a wanker.

Why? Well, because I’m guilty of ‘judging a book by its cover’. I recall flipping through the pages of the Paul Reed Smith catalogue a couple of years ago and seeing this Mark Tremonti fellow with a signature guitar and thinking “who the hell is this wanker who I’ve never heard of? So what if Creed have sold 27 million records? Does that mean this dude deserves a signature guitar because of that?” I immediately dug in my heels with the attitude that PRS must be solely capitalizing on the wide fan base by endorsing him with this instrument – after all, if I’d never heard of him, he couldn’t be any good as a player could he? He’s not one of those big names such as Clapton, Page, etc. who truly deserve signature instruments is he? I formed all of these opinions without ever having heard a note of his music (no doubt motivated in part or in full by me being a talentless nobody who hasn’t sold any records, without a signature guitar of my own and no prospect of ever getting one…).

Well, while I still stand by some of those beliefs, credit where credit is due – Tremonti *is* an awesome player, which I have discovered while listening to Alter Bridge’s Blackbird album today.  Although the music is fairly generic and derivative shouty rock (can’t say I care for the ‘singer’) Tremonti plays some wicked leads which he’s spiced up with some serious technical shredding parts – it’s my understanding that he put in some serious woodshedding time in the post-Creed years to acquire the chops required to deliver these, so respect on the drive to improve as a player.  Some great solos on this album with great feel – shame the songs themselves are rather forgettable though.


Sorry Mark for judging you by the way you look and your projected publicity image. I was being a wanker.

P.S. Your signature guitar in its newest form with the sig moved from the 12th fret to the headstock is highly desirable – I want one.

P.P.S. Your band name sucks though.


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