GAS Alert – Pat Metheny Signatures

Getting more Jazz each day, I guess I’m soon gonna need a Jazz box/archtop. I like these – I love Pat’s full round bassy tone. The 100 and 120 appeal to me the most (in black naturally) due to that demonic cutaway horn instead of a rounded bout seen on the 35; after all, you can’t separate a dude from his Heavy Metal roots – even if he does start playing Jazz… 

The 35 is reasonably priced though – around $1000, while the 120 is around the $2.4K mark – actually surfing on the Musiciansfriend online store I noticed that it’s priced as such – natural finish $2499.90 and black finish $2499.99. WTF? The black one is nine cents more. Wow. That’s really put me off that model now. Doh…Ok, well, I only just started my lessons a couple of months back, so I don’t deserve one of these yet anyway. Maybe next year – after all there’s a Tom Anderson Atom coming in August.








“Ibanez introduces latest in the Pat Metheny Signature Series Guitars For almost 20 years now Pat Metheny has enjoyed a great relationship with Ibanez, one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world. Since the introduction of the Metheny series, Pat has played production models of his PM-100 and PM-120 models in concerts and recordings around the world and has continued to use his trusty PM-20 again after giving it a brief hiatus for a few years. (“Nothing like a neck that has been broken in with time” says Metheny. “This guitar is like a old baseball glove for me, I have been playing it regularly since it took center stage on the “Question and Answer” record of 1989″). In the same general zone as the PM-20 comes the new PM-35, a single cutaway, single pickup jazz guitar – but at an intermediate price point. Pat says “Guitarists from all over the world have been using and enjoying the high end models. I have been amazed at the way low end and mid level guitars have wildly improved over the past years and I wanted to have a model that would be affordable for younger players who maybe were just getting started in jazz. And so many people have commented on my recent use of the old PM-20 prototype that I approached Ibanez about the possibility of having something more along those lines available again as a quality “first jazz guitar” level axe. After a few meetings and back and forth design changes, I am really proud to have this instrument out there and available for everyone”.

New for 2008: The PM53NT, a Natural finish beauty with a 5-piece maple/bubinga set-in neck, a Super 58 neck pickup and a gorgeous KT30 tailpiece.   The size of the traditional full-acoustic jazz guitar but slimmer for better comfort, projection, and feedback rejection. The PM120 features Silent 58 pickups and an even slimmer body than the PM100 (3 1/4” vs. 3 7/8”) for enhanced midrange punch. Silent 58 pickups feature the classic,warm tone of Super 58’s with an anti-feedback treatment. Deluxe hardshell case included. “


3 Responses to “GAS Alert – Pat Metheny Signatures”

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  2. […] Pat Metheny PM120-NT Went to the Swee Lee sale on Sunday with no intention of buying anything but ended up dropping over 2 grand on a lovely new jazz box – the Ibanez Pat Metheny PM120 signature model, natural finish. You may remember my GASeous feelings towards this guitar from here. […]

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