Ibanez S (Sabre) Series Guitars – S570 and S540

A recent exchange of posts entitled Ibanez Porn for your enjoyment on thegearpage.net leads me to upload pictures of my Ibanez S570 and a fellow forumite’s S540. Here they are in all their pictorial splendor for you to ogle.

The S guitar features the Super Wizard neck which is quite flat and very good for shredding, and of course a locking FR tremolo. It’s all you need for Metal. The last shot of my four shows the 570 nestling up close with my THD Univalve head and Marshall cab (since departed).

My S570

S5701 S5703S5702 IMGP1612Small 

…and Trotter’s S540 (reproduced with permission):



24 Responses to “Ibanez S (Sabre) Series Guitars – S570 and S540”

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  2. I love my Ibanez S570 =)

  3. Douglas! Let us see it! 🙂

  4. Mark Phillips Says:

    Hello all,
    I was just talking via email to a chap called Simon here in the UK who has an S540 so I came looking for a picture to see how it differs from the S370DX that I am selling on Ebay.
    I told Simon it looks like they are made of Koa wood, but wasn’t certain.
    I would buy one if they made a hard tailed version!
    Nice guitars!
    Mark in Sussex England…………………

  5. OMG! I have a 2000 S570… best guitar ever 😛 ! i shoved a dimarzio tone zone in the bridge n it sounds KILLER! love it =D !

  6. OW OW OW

  7. ow ow ow ow

    its great guitar..!!!

  8. Iain – if you’ve got one please send me pictures – I’d love to put them alongside these ones. 🙂

  9. hey guys,
    just picked up an Ibanez in a pawn shop yesterday, i m not sure what it is, it has the thin sabre body,dark red, but its a fixed bridge(no tremelo),does anybody have an idea? h/s/h serial # f 2 1 7 3 7 2 if it make sense drop me a line planetguitars@hotmail.com

  10. Man Where can I find an Ibanez S570 with that finish!?

  11. You can only find them used now – they have been out of production for several years now.

  12. I have an unused S570 as on photo’s above complete with scratch/dust protectors still in place and the inspction label hanging from the neck! Serial number F0041812. Any interest anyone?

  13. I have a question. Where can I find an Ibanez S470SOL? That’s my dream Ibanez and I haven’t had luck in finding them. If possible, email me at rs_music_2002@yahoo.com. Anything would be helpful.

  14. Hi. I have a guitar Ibanez S series, Dimartio ton added, like this. I sell it. 300 pounds.


  15. Heey
    Ibanez S best guitar i ever ownd. I have a S670FM
    nice tremolo everything. its flamed maple top with mahogany body.
    i bought it second hand for 300 euros they were for sale second hand for 375 euros

  16. meh – my 540 with maple fret board and EMG 81’s is the pimp – urs is just a ho! 🙂

  17. Dude!! Your s570 prestige…would you sell it? Do you still have it, if not where on earth can I find one I NEED it!


  18. Hey man! Please help me out here. How can I get an s570??? I’ll pay any amount! Where do you buy them


  19. Anonymous Says:

    God, This is Herman Li’s 2006 guitar? I need to get one. Can’t Find one though.

  20. What is the finish on that guitar? I’ve been searching for a natural mahogany s.

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