A whole bunch of Pat Metheny photos/images stolen from The Web

Since I’ve been doing a lot of trawling of the Web trying to find out info on the PM120 Pat Metheny signature guitar from Ibanez, I couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme with Pat’s clothing…

Pat rockin’ (jazzin’?) out.


Pat with weird-ass guitar/lute/sitar hybrid:


More Pat – note eyes closed, mouth open:


Consti-Pat-ed. Hat covering normally wild hair:


Pat relaxes and puts his feet up after a hard session’s bopping (cup of Cocoa just out of shot):


Pat The Dog.



2 Responses to “A whole bunch of Pat Metheny photos/images stolen from The Web”

  1. How the hell do you play your pacaso guitar and what possossed you to get it made for you??? lol . . . I like it

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