Some great contextual advertising on the Deicide website…

Once (and maybe still) the world’s most Satanic band (their very name means something along the lines of ‘Kill God’) who’ve been banned in several countries for their murderous imagery, torture of small animals and general evil nature, I found it a surprise to see that the Google ads at their website homepage indicates that Deicide are appealing to a far wider audience these days. Remember, Google ads are supposed to be smart and will place adverts on a website that they think the visitor to that site will be interested in.

Check it out:


I’m sure Glenn Benton (who used to regularly brand an inverted cross into his forehead with a piece of red hot wire to declare his allegiance to evil) will be happy that his fanbase is growing.

Anyway, they have a new album coming out with the sucky name ‘Till death do us part’. Ralph Santolla isn’t on it.


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