Sacred Reich – The American Way


Having ‘owned’ a pirate copy on cassette tape of this baby back in 1990 when the album was released (copied from my bestest Welsh buddy Ceri Dan Beynon), about 10 years ago while upgrading my music collection to CD I discovered that this gem had been deleted from the catalogue and was no longer available in stores anywhere.

I’ve been trying to obtain one via eBay for the past 4 years – having bid on about four or five and always losing out; going rate of this now highly collectible album is around the $35 – $50 USD mark. I finally bought this through an Amazon store and saved myself all those notification e-mails telling me I’d been outbid by some tosspot from Alabama. It arrived yesterday in perfect condition and I regaled myself on the bus in to work today with this – a classic Thrash Metal soundtrack to my early morning journey.

As I said – classic thrash metal – great solid ‘buzzsaw’ riffing; deep introspective lyrical content (though occasionally depressing in their profundity) and awesome soloing although the lead sound is  a little wiry and thin for my liking.

Went to see them at The Astoria in London in ’90. Me, Ceri, Moose and Steve took the train down from Norwich (where we were studying at Uni) all along speculating as to who would be the support act. Turned out to be Mordred whom we were all getting into – a superb bonus (check out their debut “Fools Game” album if you can find it). I bought a gig T-shirt and when I wore it, a buddy of mine squinted at the font used to write the band name and asked “Who the hell are Sacred Belch?”.

0904200809042008(004) 09042008(002) 09042008(003) 

..Big Stubby picks to show scale.


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