Mystery Yngwie Malmsteen/Fender collaboration – duh – it’s his Strat replica…

Gasp! The Harmony Central site caught my attention with the hook that the “Yng” will be appearing at a Fender clinic in Dallas. Ho hum – I live in Singapore so not much use to me, but it did have a link towards a special ‘secret’ page on the Fender website here:

The main page shows alternating pictures between the Swedish Shredmeister himself and one of his heroes – Niccolo Paganini with big letters proclaiming that “THE FENDER CUSTOM SHOP IS WORKING WITH YNGWIE MALMSTEEN ON A VERY SPECIAL PROJECT THAT WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER THIS YEAR.”

Yng1 yng2

Well, I don’t think it takes a genius (although I am one, so that helps) to work out that it will be another in a long line of reliced and replicated famous guitars such as EVH’s Frankenstrat, or EC’s Blackie, or JP’s #1 Lezza. in this case it will be Yng’s ’72 Duck Strat no doubt ( a dead giveaway since there is a series of photos of who looks like Fender Custom Shop Master Builder John Cruz taking apart the original guitar while it is measured and photographed).

So there you have it – my prediction:

Limited run of 50 guitars, Yngwie Malmsteen Tribute ’72 Stratocaster ‘The Duck’. Has ‘play loud’ sticker on it, Ferrari decal and Donald Duck sticker on the headstock. Comes with piece of A4 paper certifying that it’s genuine, and a DVD featuring Yngwie saying ‘Check me out – I am amazing’ as he plays ascending diminished seventh arpeggios up and down the neck. A snip at USD $12000, since it’s signed by Yngwie himself. Further there will be a revamp of his production signature Strat (contains one extra screw in scratchplate) and they’ll jack up the price by 50 bucks.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but I’m getting a red one!

P.S. If I’m wrong and it turns out to be a scalloped Fender coffee table with ‘drink loud’ on it, then you may spank my monkey buttocks with some burning joss sticks and call me Johann.


13 Responses to “Mystery Yngwie Malmsteen/Fender collaboration – duh – it’s his Strat replica…”

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  2. if you want don’t buy it.. I’ll buy when I have the money! However his Duck is from ’71 not ’78….

  3. I dunno how that typo crept in there! Jesus!

  4. Actually it’s a ’72. πŸ™‚

  5. Hi all
    Sorry, but the duck is a 71 model, when fender changed to 3 bold neck mounting (instead of 4) and the vibrato with strong full saddles (that’s right) but it was made in 72… as it has allways been said. Yngwie has done the scalloping by himself in 1980.

    I’am afraid the price of the duck replica could be terrific!!!
    I think it will worth finding an original 72 strat and do the job by a good luthier


  6. If a guitar is made in 72 doesn’t that make it a 72? πŸ™‚

    Appreciate your comments but now I’m scratching my head. πŸ™‚

  7. ahahah i’m sorry, my english is as terrific as the price of the next duck!
    I wanted to say that of course the duck is a 72 strat, but the model was first issued in 71; grrr this is not better!

    Since these words we all saw the fender video!
    i can’t figure if it will be a 4 bold or 3, i thi,k 3 as there’es the round hole on the other side…

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  9. NCGI7Y gks72nf95mdHfLav1Xpu

  10. for all who are questioning yngs guitar the full details are here. iv played on it and know the true gen. the body is a 71, the neck is a 72, pickups as we all know are hs3’s but the original pickup is in mid position, tuning heads are 74, the bridge was changed 3/4 times in its life as well as the saddles so dates unknown, it’s a true hybrid and plays like a bag of spanners as the action is way to high but obviously not for him, it’s value if it was not his guitar would be a few grand but he insures it currently at 750.000.
    there you have it.

  11. This guitar was exactly what I was looking for. It was too expensive for me to buy in the music store, so I was ecstatic to find it on Amazon! The guitar itself is gorgeous and has a beautiful sound that I really enjoy. The built-in tuner is so convenient, and I like that I have the electric option. All in all, I am completely satisfied!

  12. slim coffee…

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