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Cower in terror fools, for all your Internet will soon belong to us*.

Posted in Guitar General on July 31, 2008 by Staff Writer

Jesus TFC – looks like this lil’ ol’ blog is heading for WORLD DOMINATION. After only 9 months live on the Web and with a staggering 21000 total hits (an average of 78 a day of which I’m sure a large proportion are from my Ma who is struggling through ‘Michael Row the Boat Ashore’) Gitbuddy’s Guitar Blog has made Street Musician’s Top 100 Guitar Blogs in the World list at number 47! 6 places ahead of none other than Mark’s Guitar Blog, and only one place behind Scott’s Guitar Blog!


Awesome. Recognition finally. Next, Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Most Influential musicians list.


*the subtle irony of this post was lost on an American friend of mine who exclaimed without a trace of it – “wow! your blog is getting noticed!”.  I replied, ‘”er, no it isn’t. 78 hits a day isn’t going to send me in to click thru ad revenue heaven.”  …but then again maybe it will – Guitar Center or Musicians Friend – I’d be happy to accept $100 a click thru to place a banner ad over Jimmy Page’s face in the upper right.


Wah roundup

Posted in Guitar Gear on July 30, 2008 by Staff Writer

Been out testing out Wah pedals today. Here’s my summary.

Budda Wah SGD – $240

Eh. It was OK lah. The guy in the store said ‘this is the best wah – the most vocal’. I begged to differ. It was ok – didn’t strike me as being any better than a regular Crybaby. Also isn’t ‘step on to turn on’. 6/10

Morley George Lynch Ltd. Edition – SGD $260?

Yay! It’s orange! Yay! It’s ‘step on to turn on’. Bah humbug – it only wahs during the last 30% of the treadle travel. For the first 70% there is no discernible change in tone. 4/10 (2 of those for being orange).

Boss PW-10 V-Wah – SGD $240

Yech. Just holding this thing put me right off. It feels so cheap and nasty in build quality unfortunately. The treadle has very little travel and I could tell I wouldn’t like it immediately. It went straight back in the box. (who said this review was fair?). 2/10.

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe – SGD $465

For $465 I’d expect a lot more. So it has its own brand of inductor and wah pot. So what? Nothing amazing, but the three mode switch does give fairly different sounds. Reasonable wah sound. I preferred the ‘Jimi’ mode – the ‘Shaft’ mode is waaay trebly. But for this price? Nah. 7/10. (4/10 for value for money).

Morley Bad Horsie 2 – SGD $230

I used to own one of these Mofos and now I wish I hadn’t sold it. The most wah by far. I just wish Morleys (and all wah pedals actually) were a lot smaller. Did you know that a Bad Horsie (or any Morley Wah) occupies the same space as *four* Boss pedals? Anyway – great sounding wah which I will probably get another of. Good treadle travel, good sounds, ‘step on to turn on’. My only gripe is the delay between taking your foot off and it going from the dull bassy ‘full heel’ sound to bypass mode. 8/10.


Posted in Guitar General, Guitar Playing on July 30, 2008 by Staff Writer

Don’t think I’ll be getting these (oh alright then –I’m a sucker for shit like this) since it will only remind me that after years of trying I can’t play like Steve Vai…

Steve Vai: Naked Tracks – Coming soon!

Naked Tracks Vol. 1-5, is a series of recording packages that contain mixes of Steve’s songs without the lead guitars. They are offered as “play along tracks.” Included are select backing tracks from Passion and Warfare, Sex & Religion, Alien Love Secrets, Fire Garden, The Ultra Zone, Alive In An Ultra World, Real Illusions: Reflections and others.

Steve comments on the package: “Through the years, whenever I would mix my records I would usually do a mix of specific songs without the lead guitar. This allowed me to play along with the track or make loops to jam to, and because I figured perhaps someday maybe others would like to do the same. Voila! We have arrived at someday.

“Playing to these naked tracks, or creating loops of various sections, to endlessly meander over, is a phenomenal way to discover unique musical ideas from within yourself.

“When we are playing an instrument and our mind enters that exclusive elusive mental real estate of our own personal muse, it can result in a form of musical meditation.

“This series of play-along CDs is designed to help create an atmosphere of focus so you can shred yourself into a personally-induced inspirational nirvana.

“For the most part, the tracks in this series are presented in their original form with the lead guitar removed. In some cases I looped the solo sections to give you an opportunity to stretch out. I suggest you import these files into a sequencer program of sorts, (ProTools, Band, etc.) and create loops of various parts of the songs to jam over. It’s an excellent way to develop your inner musical ear.

“All 5 disks will be offered together in one package at various retail stores, through, or can be downloaded by various tracks or volumes at any of the online digital stores (such as the iTunes Music Store.)”

Keep checking in the coming weeks for the Naked Tracks mini-site with information about each track, as well as links to download the tracks, or order the 5-CD package…

O Tom Anderson Atom, where for art thou?

Posted in Guitar Gear on July 18, 2008 by Staff Writer

They say that good things come to those who wait, so my Tom Anderson Atom (which I ordered in February) had better be bloody amazing! Just kidding TA – I’m certain it will be stunning.

I was told by TA that we were looking at a July build slot. It’s July 18th now, so technically, it might still be in log and plank form in their wood drying/storage facility at the moment – perhaps for another 13 days before it has an encounter with the nearest CNC machine.

Still, I sit here patiently, itching to get hold of it (there is the small snag of having to cough up the rest of the dough for it though…) and give it some loving strums.

Up and Atom!

Akismet Spam filter isn’t super…

Posted in Uncategorized on July 9, 2008 by Staff Writer

The Akismet spam filter that is part of WordPress is supposed to learn. You flag messages that are spam in your comments queue and it deletes them and supposedly learns that that was spam and aims to filter it next time.

At this, it fails miserably. Every day, I have 5 or 6 online casino, house insurance and life insurance ‘comments’ that are all identical to the ones I have received everyday for the last 8 months.

Akismet spam has the learning ability of a retarded brain-damaged sloth with drunken violent parents, who attends the worst school in urban-decayed London that’s staffed by illegal Polish immigrants who are hoping to learn English from the pupils, and has text books so old that they’re written in Viking.

And it has a gay name.

James Tyler Candy Cherry Schmear Studio Elite HD

Posted in Guitar Gear on July 8, 2008 by Staff Writer

Putting up some more shots of my James Tyler Candy Cherry Schmear Studio Elite HD for the benefit of Min who is thinking of trying to emulate a schmear finish on one of his guitars. Good luck! 🙂


Me, Ken and four hot, slutty guitars

Posted in Guitar Gear on July 8, 2008 by Staff Writer

A bunch of pics of some of our gear from last sunday. Ken came over and we slutted it about with my Candy Cherry James Tyler Studio Elite HD, his Gold James Tyler Studio Elite HD, his Gold Gibson 57 Reissue and my new Ibanez Pat Metheny PM120.  Also in shot, Ken’s Fender Deluxe ‘Verb, G Major, ToneCzar Openhaus, DynaRed.

IMG_0417 IMG_0419IMG_0435 IMG_0444 IMG_0438 IMG_0451 IMG_0449 IMG_0453 IMG_0455