Lesson 14: Stuff

Learned more about 9th and 13th chords and also 6th chords. My question to Master: ‘what is the difference between a 6th and a 13th chord?’ His answer: ‘A 6th chord usually means that that colour tone is on an inner voice, whereas for a 13th you normally find it on the top voice’.  Interestingly, a 6th chord is an inversion of a relative minor 7, e.g. Em7, taking the top G and putting it on the bottom string gives us G major 6.

Master gave me chords to ‘How high the moon?’ which features key changes every couple of bars. Working on it and have been listening to Ella Fitzgerald version to get the melody. Can’t say I like the song (don’t like the scat singing bit in the middle) but appreciate it nevertheless.


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