Wah roundup

Been out testing out Wah pedals today. Here’s my summary.

Budda Wah SGD – $240

Eh. It was OK lah. The guy in the store said ‘this is the best wah – the most vocal’. I begged to differ. It was ok – didn’t strike me as being any better than a regular Crybaby. Also isn’t ‘step on to turn on’. 6/10

Morley George Lynch Ltd. Edition – SGD $260?

Yay! It’s orange! Yay! It’s ‘step on to turn on’. Bah humbug – it only wahs during the last 30% of the treadle travel. For the first 70% there is no discernible change in tone. 4/10 (2 of those for being orange).

Boss PW-10 V-Wah – SGD $240

Yech. Just holding this thing put me right off. It feels so cheap and nasty in build quality unfortunately. The treadle has very little travel and I could tell I wouldn’t like it immediately. It went straight back in the box. (who said this review was fair?). 2/10.

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe – SGD $465

For $465 I’d expect a lot more. So it has its own brand of inductor and wah pot. So what? Nothing amazing, but the three mode switch does give fairly different sounds. Reasonable wah sound. I preferred the ‘Jimi’ mode – the ‘Shaft’ mode is waaay trebly. But for this price? Nah. 7/10. (4/10 for value for money).

Morley Bad Horsie 2 – SGD $230

I used to own one of these Mofos and now I wish I hadn’t sold it. The most wah by far. I just wish Morleys (and all wah pedals actually) were a lot smaller. Did you know that a Bad Horsie (or any Morley Wah) occupies the same space as *four* Boss pedals? Anyway – great sounding wah which I will probably get another of. Good treadle travel, good sounds, ‘step on to turn on’. My only gripe is the delay between taking your foot off and it going from the dull bassy ‘full heel’ sound to bypass mode. 8/10.


One Response to “Wah roundup”

  1. I’ve got an old coloursound one – a bit creaky and noisy but sounds great

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