Cower in terror fools, for all your Internet will soon belong to us*.

Jesus TFC – looks like this lil’ ol’ blog is heading for WORLD DOMINATION. After only 9 months live on the Web and with a staggering 21000 total hits (an average of 78 a day of which I’m sure a large proportion are from my Ma who is struggling through ‘Michael Row the Boat Ashore’) Gitbuddy’s Guitar Blog has made Street Musician’s Top 100 Guitar Blogs in the World list at number 47! 6 places ahead of none other than Mark’s Guitar Blog, and only one place behind Scott’s Guitar Blog!


Awesome. Recognition finally. Next, Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Most Influential musicians list.


*the subtle irony of this post was lost on an American friend of mine who exclaimed without a trace of it – “wow! your blog is getting noticed!”.  I replied, ‘”er, no it isn’t. 78 hits a day isn’t going to send me in to click thru ad revenue heaven.”  …but then again maybe it will – Guitar Center or Musicians Friend – I’d be happy to accept $100 a click thru to place a banner ad over Jimmy Page’s face in the upper right.


2 Responses to “Cower in terror fools, for all your Internet will soon belong to us*.”

  1. You’ve got a good audience man – your blog rocks…

  2. nick4guitar Says:

    Dude, nice blog. its fun to read. Come check my blog out at just more guitar stuff. Keep on writing more stuff and ill keep reading.

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