Surprise Yngwie encounter…

Very very interesting how the eclectic tastes of people can surprise one. I had taken Master to be  a dyed-in-the-wool jazz and blues purist (remember he is an aged stonehead from Mississippi) but it turns out that he’s also a dedicated student of the Classical repertoire (beats the shit out of my Yamaha Grade 6 capability) and also harbors some secret love for none other than the Swedish Metal Shredmeister himself, Mr INGWEEE JAY MALHHHMMSTEEENNN!!! Oh yeah!

While he was surfing through his iTunes collection to try to find a version of HHTM to playback to me,  I noticed that he also had Yngwie’s “I’ll See The Light Tonight” track nestling in there. I called him out on this and immediately launched into the main riff followed by a bit of the interlude/solo. Yep. I could tell he was impressed by the plinky little shred sounds coming from my unplugged flatwound stringed Pat Metheny semi…


Anyway, with this little crack in his armour exposed, I now plan to expose him to the entire Yngwie back catalogue and totally convert him to metal shredder. This is my new mission.


2 Responses to “Surprise Yngwie encounter…”

  1. Convert him! convert him! there is nothing wrong with a little Malmsteen and it seems to be healthy. I refer to Yngwie Malmsteen quite a bit, no matter what lessons I’m teaching. I especially use him as an example when I’m talking about improvising. A lot guitarists don’t see him as much of an improviser. I beg to differ. Nice blog by the way. Consider it bookmarked.

  2. Learn how to shred like Malmsteen at The Everyday Guitarist

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