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The urge to do this just left the gene pool…

Posted in Guitar General on September 30, 2008 by Staff Writer

Yeah ok – it happened in 2006, but so what. I wonder what he was listening to? 

“Wannabe rocker plunges from bed to death

A teenager got so carried away while bouncing up and down on his bed mimicking a rock star that he flew out of a third floor window to his death, a Singapore newspaper reports.

Li Xiao Meng, a 16-year-old from China who was studying at Singapore’s Hua Business School, was a keen musician who liked to jump up and down while playing his guitar in his hostel room, The Straits Times said.

"But on November 17 he took things a bit too far," the newspaper said, reporting on a coroner’s court findings.

Ruling death by misadventure, the court said evidence "points to the deceased unintentionally falling out of the window to his death when he was hyped up with exhilaration, jumping up and down on the bed placed against an open window while mimicking a rock guitarist".

Normally the windows were locked, the newspaper said, but students sometimes forced them open so they could smoke, something prohibited by the hostel.”


Full Tom Anderson Atom porno shoot

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Since we’re on the subject of PRSesesssesss

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Been trying to slowly convince my colleague that he needs to set aside a sizable portion of his bonus money for a PRS bass – something with a nice curly top (I reckon he will choose something blue). He’s been talking about them in the past and once, when he came to my house and I opened the case of my Custom 24 – when that whiff of the maple and the glue hit his nostrils I could tell that was a turning point for him right then. Spiritually, he is already sold – now he has some internal rationalization going on and weighing up the ‘buy a PRS or send the kids to college?’ internal dialogue.

I noticed that a PRS miniature replica appeared on his desk recently (it’s a red Hollowbody II) and to help things along further, I dropped him my copy of Dave Burluck’s excellent ‘The PRS Guitar Book’ without him asking – that book is little more than a XXX-rated porn shoot of that so-holy of Maryland exports.

Does this make me evil?


A PRS *magazine*?

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Interesting – PRS’ marketing department has persuaded the Thick-Lensed-Spectacles One that is would be a good decision to release a printed magazine into the Gearosphere – which will be (let’s face it) a souped-up sales brochure. I wonder how frequently they intend to publish it? I mean, I love PRS as much as the next man and love looking at pictures of their guitars, but will there really be enough content to fill up a magazine as frequently as monthly just from a single manufacturer?


“Paul Reed Smith Guitars is proud to announce the launch of Signature – The Official Magazine of Paul Reed Smith Guitars. The new custom magazine, published in conjunction with Future US is the first of its kind for PRS Guitars and features interviews with signature artists such as Carlos Santana, Dave Navarro, Mark Tremonti and Al Di Meola as well as Ricky Skaggs and American Idol house band guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. Available now at select Borders, Barnes & Noble, Guitar Center and Sam Ash retail locations across the US, Signature provides a sneak peak into what is in store for the guitar manufacturer’s product line expansion in 2009 and features detailed articles about products being launched at the Experience PRS 2008 open house event.
PRS’ Director of Sales & Marketing, Peter Wolf said: “We’ve always known to be blessed with a very loyal customer base. Coming out with our own magazine was a logical step, which will provide PRS owners, enthusiasts and guitarists in general an in depth look into our company, our current and future product lines and the relationships we’ve been able to build with many of today’s renowned artists and bands.”

Tom Anderson – rear

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Day 5 of 5


Tom Anderson – full length

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Day 4 – picture 4


Rick Wright of The Floyd snuffs it

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Yes, he’s not a guitarist, but when a member of one of the greatest bands of all time passes on, it’s big enough news to warrant inclusion everywhere.

Cheers Rick for your great music – I’m off to give Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ a quick spin now.