Doofus who can’t do the ‘Heavy Metal Hand’

From this month’s Guitar World mag – look closely to see the poorly formed Goat Horn/Devil Horn hand. What the fuck is that thumb doing sticking up like that? Are you about to make a pretend phone call to your ma to say ‘yay I just won a Squire Stratocaster’ ? Very sorry but there won’t be any disturbances in the Great Slumber or demonic summonings going on with this effort…


It’s a pretty simple gesture to get right – index and little finger pointing skyward, thumb covering the middle and ring. When done correctly, you should see the three ‘6’ shapes formed, thus invoking the power of Satan – easy right? I mean, *even* idiot supreme George Bush could do it correctly; here’s a picture of him praising Satan at a Cannibal Corpse gig:


Interesting reading on its origins (and I suppose an acknowledgement to Wikipedia where I stole the Bush picture from…) here.


2 Responses to “Doofus who can’t do the ‘Heavy Metal Hand’”

  1. Ok, that’s the raddest wiki ever. You’ve made me very happy.

  2. Ronnie James Says:

    That’s ‘shaka’, is it not?

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