A PRS *magazine*?

Interesting – PRS’ marketing department has persuaded the Thick-Lensed-Spectacles One that is would be a good decision to release a printed magazine into the Gearosphere – which will be (let’s face it) a souped-up sales brochure. I wonder how frequently they intend to publish it? I mean, I love PRS as much as the next man and love looking at pictures of their guitars, but will there really be enough content to fill up a magazine as frequently as monthly just from a single manufacturer?


“Paul Reed Smith Guitars is proud to announce the launch of Signature – The Official Magazine of Paul Reed Smith Guitars. The new custom magazine, published in conjunction with Future US is the first of its kind for PRS Guitars and features interviews with signature artists such as Carlos Santana, Dave Navarro, Mark Tremonti and Al Di Meola as well as Ricky Skaggs and American Idol house band guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. Available now at select Borders, Barnes & Noble, Guitar Center and Sam Ash retail locations across the US, Signature provides a sneak peak into what is in store for the guitar manufacturer’s product line expansion in 2009 and features detailed articles about products being launched at the Experience PRS 2008 open house event.
PRS’ Director of Sales & Marketing, Peter Wolf said: “We’ve always known to be blessed with a very loyal customer base. Coming out with our own magazine was a logical step, which will provide PRS owners, enthusiasts and guitarists in general an in depth look into our company, our current and future product lines and the relationships we’ve been able to build with many of today’s renowned artists and bands.”


2 Responses to “A PRS *magazine*?”

  1. hello,
    found your blog while looking for information on a tyler elite guitar.

    Back to the topic: In France, Fender publishes a magazine. I think it is every 2 months . Its talks about artists using fender gear, and packs interviews stating how incredible Fender guitars and bass and amps are… hahahah. (Well actually I love fender much more than gibson, but colors and taste…). It lso contains reviews (well not very onvincing cause averything is rated AAAAAA) but nice pictures and is some sort of catalog with the new gear.
    It is distributed for free in the guitar shops in Paris.

    So not so irrelevant I guess for PRS.
    I own 2 and these are definitly very very nice guitars.
    Like you stated in other entries on your blo, I have some vintage guitars but I tend to prefer new ones. I just wish The don’t loose value so I aim at second hand bargain or limited edition models.

    Best regards,

  2. hey Olivier


    Would love to see pictures of your guitars – do you have a blog?

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