Since we’re on the subject of PRSesesssesss

Been trying to slowly convince my colleague that he needs to set aside a sizable portion of his bonus money for a PRS bass – something with a nice curly top (I reckon he will choose something blue). He’s been talking about them in the past and once, when he came to my house and I opened the case of my Custom 24 – when that whiff of the maple and the glue hit his nostrils I could tell that was a turning point for him right then. Spiritually, he is already sold – now he has some internal rationalization going on and weighing up the ‘buy a PRS or send the kids to college?’ internal dialogue.

I noticed that a PRS miniature replica appeared on his desk recently (it’s a red Hollowbody II) and to help things along further, I dropped him my copy of Dave Burluck’s excellent ‘The PRS Guitar Book’ without him asking – that book is little more than a XXX-rated porn shoot of that so-holy of Maryland exports.

Does this make me evil?



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