Master Out Of Action – Lapstick

I failed to mention that for the past 4 weeks, Master has been firmly out of action with a nasty leg injury resulting from a motorcycle crash and has been holed-up in hospital.

In an effort to regale him I called him and asked him if he would like to use one of my short scale guitars in the hospital but off course he was waaaay ahead of me. When I turned up to visit he had this very cool thing called a ‘Lapstick’


Now of course, I have to get me one of those. I travel a fair bit and as much as I love my Baby Taylor, it is still too cumbersome to carry around frequently on an airliner. Similarly, I love my Kirk Hammett Jr. (although I think I need to set that guy up now) but the case it comes with is fairly flimsy and I wouldn’t trust it to be safe in transit.

The Lapstick comes in this tiny case – probably smaller than your average violin case, so it’s very portable. The price makes me grimace a bit though (USD 659) and perhaps I will look at buying a second hand one.

Definitely desirable though…


3 Responses to “Master Out Of Action – Lapstick”

  1. Master get well

    Is this a lap guitar? look great though.

  2. it’s a regular guitar played with a strap that it comes with.

  3. […] first found out about this when I went to visit Master in Hospital and I thought it such an amazing bit of luthiery and technology that I decided that I absolutely […]

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