Aging Titans of Rock and Metal release sparkling new shit material

Well, at least one of them has some great guitar on it and that’s this one: Guns ‘n’ Roses Chinese Democracy single. Not a big fan of the song personally – I agree with a lot of the pundits that it does sound like some industrial band, but then, with Slash gone and his huge musical personality along with it, they (Axl) were unlikely to be able to recreate that spirit of Appetite For Destruction days. But then, things have moved on, their audience particularly so you can’t please everyone.

No excuses for this lot though: Metallica and their Death Magnetic album. I don’t know where to begin – I have so many *bad* things to say about this music and this band that I’ll simply put it in ten-point form:

  1. Shit drum sound and drumming
  2. Shit fuzzy guitar sound with total lack of heaviness
  3. Shit songs with shit uninspiring dynamics
  4. Shit lack of thrash spirit
  5. Shit solos
  6. Shit hair
  7. Shit album name with shit CD inlay
  8. Shit hype
  9. Shit due to total absence of bass sound
  10. Shit direction since shit Black album

Fortunately, I borrowed this from a friend. Boy am I glad I saved my money. And yes, I used to love Metallica from Kill ‘em all up till …Justice. If you’re looking for good metal, go and listen to those albums. Don’t look at Death Magnetic.


One Response to “Aging Titans of Rock and Metal release sparkling new shit material”

  1. With you all the way on “Chinese Democracy”. Not a bad song, if a bit AC/DC or Cult-like (no bad thing in my book of course), but it’s hasn’t got much “character” to it.

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