Gear meetup and impromptu jam

Some of my guitar buddies came over on Sunday to show off some gear and trade licks:

Ken with my Tom Anderson Atom. I love that quilt.


Me with Ken’s ES-339. This guitar used to belong to Jack Zucker. Very nice axe for a jazzy sound on the neck pickup with the top end rolled off. The smaller body fits us Asian types well. The workmanship is good for a Gibson and I found the neck finish and the ‘nibs’ (the binding over the fret ends) to be smoother than on my Les Paul. If Ken ever decides to sell this, I might be interested.


Ken looks on as Daniel shreds on his Burny SG. The kid is only 15 and he’s already awesome. Plus he looks like Slash might have when he was a teenager – check out how low slung that axe is…


Min with pink Strat and in pink T-shirt (later he ate a pink sugared donut I bought him as a belated birthday cake). Dangerous times for him they were- just in the room next door, one of my condo neighbours was having a Gay Party (true) – plenty of guys in cut-off shirts, with six-pack abs, all drinking white Zinfandel and champagne. I asked Min to bash out a few choruses of ‘Y.M.C.A.’ for their benefit but he claimed not know the chords; somehow I didn’t believe him.


Ken an Min showing Daniel how to sweep pick. Ken’s ‘arpeggio face’ is classic.  He did come out with this wisdom though – if you sweep fast enough you only need to get the lowest and the highest note right (perhaps).


Ken and Slash Junior/Daniel jamming. Daniel is playing my Kirk Hammett Junior. It was voted the best guitar of those that turned up that day.


Ken and Min doing a jazzy laidback jam. Honestly, this was totally amazing and they both played some truly awesome solos in turn. I feel very humble when I am around these guys – as modest as they both are, they are both monstrously good guitarists. I have a video and will upload it soon.



2 Responses to “Gear meetup and impromptu jam”

  1. […] guitar jam Here’s a video taken at the Sunday jam the week before last. Like I said in my previous post, I think these two guys are really great players, despite their modesty, and they have a natural […]

  2. Sweet axe’s boys….Just gotta luv that ATOM.

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