On Randy Rhoads and ‘Tribute’

Walking around Bangkok airport on the way home from a work trip, for some reason I had a sudden urge to listen to some vintage Metal and whipped out the iPod.  I felt compelled to scroll straight to the my Ozzy albums and within seconds was striding round the duty-free stores with Revelation (Mother Earth) from the Tribute album blasting in my ears.


I’ve had that album for coming up to two decades and the guitar break at the end still has the capacity to literally send shivers down the spine. The trebly  lead guitar sound, his classic ‘crunch’, his fabulous licks and fills, his unusual runs – I literally felt electrified pins and needles crackling all up and down my back. I’m going to relearn it when I get back home.


One Response to “On Randy Rhoads and ‘Tribute’”

  1. RIP Randy Rhodes!

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