Joe Bonamassa – What a Les Paul should sound like.

Was listening to a little Joe Bonamassa on the way in to work today – his ‘You & Me’ album.  While I generally find bluesmen to all sound very derivative and samey, Joe is one of the first in recent times to really turn me on to listening to his music. Sure, some of his songs are your normal pub blues with each song largely indistinguishable from the next ‘I woke up this morning’ type effort, and frankly his voice isn’t all that, but his guitar playing and tone are fabulous.  

Check out Django (oddly titled since it doesn’t really evoke imagery of Django Reinhardt and hasn’t got anything faintly Gyspy Jazz about it) and his awesome rendition of Zeppelin’s Tea For One.  Great Les Paul sound – not too nasal, thick in the middle and biting, some great phrasing and note choice and none of those fucking cliche blues licks that everybody plays all the time.


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