The Star Spangled Banner

Since it’s Thanksgiving, some of the Yanks in our office decided we’d all eat turkey sandwiches for lunch.  While these were fairly bland as they normally are (I actually had a hankering for laksa for lunch) it did get a couple of groups who sit near each other (yet never speak or communicate) together for 30 minutes to exchange pleasantries.

One of the girls who sits near my cubicle asked me to play a song on my little acoustic (my Baby Taylor) that I keep at my desk, so I injected some nationalistic fervor for those Americans in attendance (two from P.R. division and two lawyers) by hammering out a very cool version of The Star Spangled Banner.

I’m sure the note values here are wrong, but you’ll get the general idea.


None of the Americans were sure what Thanksgiving really signified apart from ‘eating a lot with your family’.


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