Am I the only one who can’t remove those frickin’ bits of tape from the top of a CD case in one piece?

I buy a fair number of CDs – not millions, but several per month – the majority come from Amazon, but this is not an ailment that afflicts just this retailer – 80% of CDs from whatever source have this so called ‘feature’ these days.

I am talking about those bits of tape that they put over the top edge of the CD from the top of the front, over to the back so that the CD is sealed and appears new.


There is a little bit of writing: it says ‘pull’. I pull it and off comes a tiny triangle with about 1 cm squared area transparent tape. I try from the other side: a tiny sliver comes off.  Yesterday while unwrapping my latest disc, it took me five minutes shredding this bit of cellophane into about 50 tiny bits as I struggled to get at the audio disc inside. Once, I thought I had got it just right – I managed to lift up just the right bit of leverage and surface area; I pulled slowly – a two centimeter strip peeled off, then ‘ping’ it snapped and I was left back at the drawing board scratching away with my nails leaving behind a sticky surface and a handful of plastic detritus.

Why?! Why!!! Why?! Why do CD manufacturers torment me so?


2 Responses to “Am I the only one who can’t remove those frickin’ bits of tape from the top of a CD case in one piece?”

  1. I find this post extremely hilarious as I thought I was the only one suffering from this torture. I’m glad to know that at least someone in this world share my misery.

    To reassure you, no you’re not the only one. The next question is.. are we the only TWO? *LOL*

  2. i just encountered your website. lol i have this problem often as well, only a small piece comes off instead of the whole piece. and it leaves a sticky mess after that which is a pain to clean. i always end up buying empty crystal cases cos i cant be bothered to clean up the sticky mess 😡

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