Pedaltrain Mini

Having been through a bit of a mass cull recently, I rather hastily decided I needed to clear a bit of space (I live in a tiny condo) and downsize a bit and (again hastily) put my Pedaltrain Junior up for sale without really thinking about it and it was snapped up in less than a day.

In its stead, I decided I wanted a stripped down pedal board with one row of absolutely essential tone shapers – five maybe six pedals in all and had it in my mind that I was going to somehow make one myself (I hadn’t got so far as to figuring out how I would do this being an inexperienced cretin with no workshop, tools nor materials). That same day by sheer chance I saw on the SOFT forum that someone had acquired this Pedaltrain Mini thing.

Well, 5 minutes later I was in a taxi, GAS money in hand to Blackwood and 5 minutes after that I was in another taxi with the thing on my lap.

Now I have it, what’s the verdict?

Why did I sell my Pedaltrain Junior? What a dumbass.

While the Mini fulfils the ‘saving space’ requirement it really fails in so many other areas.  It isn’t angled for a start – it’s flat. Many guitarists like their pedals angled so they are looking back up at them when they glance down. Nope. Not only that, the lack of angling means there is no space underneath for a power supply, no matter how small. This really is ludicrous and it shocks me that Pedaltrain, arguably the leading brand now for pedalboards managed to miss something so obvious – *especially* since the leaflet that comes with the thing shows instructions on how I might mount a PSU underneath a Pedaltrain Junior ; this really is rubbing salt into the wound – and mounting something like a PP2 means taking out space for a whole pedal – dumbness in the extreme. So, what I’m left with is a fairly pricey bit of black metal that frankly has had about 5 minutes of actual ergonomic design expended on it. Oh, and the logo sticker was so haphazardly slapped on at a bad angle that it was hanging off the edge and had stuck bits of pubic hair and carpet dust on it within seconds. Furthermore, the placement on the padded bag of the loops to attach the shoulder strap is totally baffling. Basically any which way you carry the bag it hangs at an awkward angle due to the positioning.

Well, I’m gonna soldier on with it for a while, but please, Pedaltrain or another manufacturer – please make us a better version of the ‘one row’ pedalboard.


7 Responses to “Pedaltrain Mini”

  1. virtualblues Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. No slant and lacking space for a power supply are deal killers. Guess I’ll stick with Big Bertha. pk

  2. Just wondering now that you’ve had some time with it, if your opinion has changed. I’m in a similar boat, downsizing from a Jr and a HEAVY case to a single row line up. For power, I just figured I’d use a 1 Spot, so the under carriage mounts aren’t really necessary. Just wondering if you have any further opinions.

  3. Hi BB

    I still stand by it – if they’d just spent a little more time thinking about the design this could have been a killer product. As it is, it’s ‘average’.

    Re: One Spot, those things are a neat idea, but if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. One Spots are hit and miss affairs with noise production and ground loop hum (no isolated outputs) plus they have been recorded as burning out some pedals – including my Carbon Copy.

  4. The info on the 1 Spot is enlightening (ie; frightening)…
    I might have to spring for a Voodoo Labs. For the time being, I’ve decided I’m gonna stick with the Pedaltrain Jr, but try to get a bag sold separately (if possible) from the company as I only have the hard case.
    Thanks for the response and the info. Much appreciated.

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