Some old recordings

Some old stuff, recorded well over a decade ago and put here for posterity. Numbers 1 and 3 were co-written by me and Jo. Number 2 she wrote with her brother Gary and arranged by me.

Number 1Access Denied

I love this acoustic guitar part which I think probably stems from my Jimmy Page influence and stuff like Led Zep 3. The clean melody guitar that goes over it at the start is by Gary – it’s nice, but the last couple of notes just miss the beat slightly. I love the dynamism of this track. When it finally turns heavy, I feel a sense of Metal Pride, though the riffing (me) is a bit off and I wish I hadn’t done the palm muting on it. The ending was not of my choosing and is very abrupt. I hate this part and wish we could have done as I had wished and put the recap of the clean part at the end to fade. Politics.

Number 2Enemies

This one was funked up at Gary’s behest (The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were all the rage then) and while not my favourite track works ok. My favourite part is the metal interlude which I insisted we have in there so at least it would have something in common with the rest of the stuff we were doing. The solo over that I’m quite proud of. Jason, our bassist upon hearing it said ‘that solo is gonna get you laid, dude!’. It didn’t.

Number 3XXXX (pronounced ‘Four Ex’)

Fairly happy with this track at the time and I like the fast intro and outro. Not a particularly strong song though overall, though. The frantic fast solo at the end was done in a hurry and I’m not that pleased with it.


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