It’s not often you get to discuss your next guitar in the home of the manufacturer….

..but this is precisely what I did yesterday at the home of the gracious Mr Pepijn who is half of the operation that creates the fabulous Lapstick travel guitar.

I first found out about this when I went to visit Master in Hospital and I thought it such an amazing bit of luthiery and technology that I decided that I absolutely had to have one. Being someone who travels a fair bit and has tried his fair share of travel guitars such as the Baby Taylor (not a bad acoustic but still quite large), Kirk Hammett KH-JR (pointy headstock increases the size unnecessarily and the case offers no protection at all), Les Paul Pee Wee (couldn’t stay in tune), Martin Backpacker (sounds like a bunch of tensed rubber bands underwater) I found the Lapstick a revelation being 51 cm long (half the length of a Strat) and weighing only 1.5 kg.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Pepijn let me jam away on several Lapsticks at his workshop through his Boogie Studio Series amp and his Korg Toneworks preamp for over an hour until I was completely satisfied. I almost gave in to temptation and bought a cherry red model that had a maple fretboard there and then, but Pepijn advised me to wait a few weeks while Phil Neal (the luthier) built me one to my spec from scratch.

The order is in and I can’t wait for this baby which is so portable (think shorter than a tennis racket case and about 5 inches wide) that I will take it with me all the time.

It will look something like this one below which is also a custom job. Note that I will also be opting to exclude the onboard preamp as my preference will be through an outboard gizmo such as my Boss Micro BR.

DSCF0232 DSCF0239


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