“and I’d like to try that, and that, and also that over there…”

Went to Swee Lee with my Bassist Buddy Rob today at lunchtime. He wanted to check out some short scale guitars with a view to getting one for his 5 year old son and I tagged along because I needed a ‘D’ string.

Within 5 seconds of us entering Rob had already been distracted from the task at hand and was checking out bass multi-fx processors. First he got the guy to get on the stepladder to get the GT-10B down – a hefty fella from Boss. I pointed out the smaller ME50B which was then retrieved after much huffing and puffing from the sales assistant (huffing and puffing but very friendly and helpful).  While Rob perused these I spied a GR-20 Guitar Synth and asked if the guy could get that down, which he duly did. I then asked him to get down the GR-09 so I could compare them in size. We opened up all the boxes.

After about 15 minutes of this we said ‘we’ll think about it’ and then wandered over to the guitar section to try out this little pink doobie by Palomar – a short scale electric with a single coil pickup selling for $100 SGD (about $65 USD) and about the right size for a 5 year old boy. I shredded on that for about 10 minutes through a MicroCube RX while Rob took the same guy off on a tour round the acoustics trying to find something suitable there.

10 minutes later, after another ‘we’ll think about it’, I bought my D string for $1.80 and we left the store. I bet that poor guy was thinking ‘those utter wankers!’ for sending him up and down the ladder so often. Still, I don’t feel that bad – I’ve spent well over 10 Grand with them in the past – probably much more.


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