New Cynic album – Traced In Air

15 years after their debut Focus, I just found out about this baby that came out in November:


I first heard of the guitarist Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert from their session playing on the Death album ‘Human’ and was floored by their taste and technicality. The opening drum bombardment on Flattening Of Emotions is to this day still one of the heaviest blast beats ever put on vinyl and Masvidal’s liquid solo on the same track is a jaw dropping tour de force. Chuck Schuldiner never had any better sidemen to work with in my opinion (and there was some seriously tough competition, Gene Hoglan, Andy LaRoque, James Murphy etc.).

My old buddy Dax who worked for Roadrunner at the time got me a copy of Focus and I absolutely loved it. Progressive, aggressive, textural, technical, melodic and just plain weird in places, this was Art Death Metal at its most highly evolved and has not really seen any real challengers to its uniqueness to date.

Traced In Air is on order.


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